About Patrick

Patrick Glasgow was born in the midwest. From a young age he was taught the important values of leadership, ownership, and compassion which aided him in his persuits through life including his path to Eagle Scout,  Following high school he studied Fire Sciences and then enlisted in the US Navy. 

Patrick spent 6.5 years in the US Navy serving in the Nuclear Power Propulsion Program on Submarines. Here Patrick expanded his leadership skills while aiding the US fighting force honorably. While he was in the Navy he met and married his wife Heidi.

In November 2016, Patrick moved his family back to Knox County Ohio. Here he enrolled at The Ohio State University where he is working towards finishing his B.S. in Agricultural Engineering. His focus is working towards Sustainable Agriculture practices to aid our nation's farmers in their en devours. 

Patrick has always been passionate about his civic responsibilities in order to leave our Country better for his children. This prompted him to get involved with the Libertarian Party.  He serves as the County Development Coordinator for Knox County where he seeks to regrow the party and spread the message of Liberty. In May 2018 he was elected to the State Central Committee of Ohio and appointed as the Deputy Political Director for the State Party. 

When not working on school or political activism Patrick volunteers his time with his son's Cub Scout Pack as the Committee Chair, sings in the church choir and helps with community  and church projects.  He also enjoys urban farming, reading, and family time.

Patrick and Heidi are the proud parents of 4 children. They reside in Danville, OH and attend St. Luke's Catholic Church. Together they are working on expanding a family Market Garden business.